Re: 468 Digital Storage scope


I know that it's counter intuitive but have you tried adjusted the
horizontal position to both the left and right extremes? I have seen
scopes where the position was adjusted too far to the right (or the left)
and the spot would be near the RH edge of the display and adjusting the
position to the right would only make it it move left! But only a limited
amount. Apparently the beam was so far to the right that it was off the
display but it reflected off of the glass envelope or one of the internal
elements and reflected back onto the display!

If that's not the problem then check the power supplies before you do
anything else.

On Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 5:34 PM Dr. Manfred K. Zeller via
<> wrote:

It is now like it is / pressing the beam finder in the xy mode on the time
base I have now a point on the right side of the screen.
Otherwise the screen is empty.
What do you recommand doing the next step?
Thanks a lot!

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