Re: Tektronix 465 Scope

Tom Lee

In cases where it is difficult to trace a signal from its point of origin forward, it may be easier to trace backward from some point downstream. Most likely you are looking for a shorted tantalum, and those stand out. A few quick ohmmeter measurements, and you’ll identify which are connected across the problem supply.

Just a thought, should obtaining a proper manual prove difficult.

— Tom

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On Apr 18, 2021, at 4:49 PM, Bill via <> wrote:

Page 174 in the 465 Service manual is the schematic of the scope's power supply.

On page 168 just underneath R1460 (Potentiometer) you can see R1463, CR1465, VR1414 and R1441. On my scope there are only two resistors in that spot and no diode.

Will just have to go hand over hand until I find the bad component on the -8vdc rail. My old 453 has an excellent manual but the manual is for it's serial number.


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