Re: Tektronix 465 Scope

Dave Peterson


There is a PDF link off the Tek Wiki page for 465 scopes:

This is the direct link to the PDF:


On Sunday, April 18, 2021, 10:39:44 AM PDT, Bill via <> wrote:

My Tektronix 465 has a -8vdc power supply problem.  The voltage is -2.6vdc.  All the other power supply voltages ae correct.

I need to be able to isolate the circuits as best I can when the correct components are located.  My problem is that the service manual I have is for higher serial numbers so it is just about impossible to find the components on the schematics.  The pictorials do not match my boards exactly.  Anyone have a service manual that covers a 465 scope serial number 107659.


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