2246 Flex PCB Interconnect - How Do You Disconnect Them Without Damaging Them?

Les Orr

I bought my 2246 on eBay 6 years ago. It was really good until 8 weeks ago. Then, without warning, one day it wouldn't turn at all - no diagnostic LEDs, no clicking, nothing.

I found out the hard way that the 2246 was re-designed at Sn 100100 - look out for that trap. I bought the correct new manuals from Artek, "070-7061-00" and "070-7062-00." I also opened the 2246 up.

I am left with a nightmare. I would add photos if I could. The 2246 is stuffed like a sausage. The PS is buried in the middle. You need to disconnect several Flex PCBs to even get started.

I would appreciate any HELP you give me. Thanks.

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