Lots of fresh goodies being uploaded for spring stuff season


We have been finding all kinds of strange and bizarre items in storage here at Sphere, from
unknown optical widgets and hard to find parts to 10KVDC power supplies. Plus, we keep filling
up the Free Stuff section with nice finds, you are sure to see something you like.

to see the 10KV supplies, go to: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/stuffday.html#power2

if you have time over the weekend, drop by and have a look at all the interesting items:
main gateway: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/stuffday.html
Tek stuff: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/stuffday.html#tekfans
R+D magical items: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/stuffday.html#rdmagic
HP stuff: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/stuffday.html#hpfans
Free Stuff: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/stuffday.html#free

an of course, at the bottom is the big clear out of CRTs:

Boy, could we use all that room back!
all the best, stay safe,

walter (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca
sphere research corp.

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