Re: Sony/Tek 380

Steven Bender

Hi Doug,

I also have a Sony/Tek 380 that shows no trace, I bought it as a cheap parts donor for my likewise no trace 335 and 336. Somewhere, someone recall mentioned his 335 having blown a Fuji 2SC3030 Darlington 900 Volt transistor in a flat TO-3P case. So, I bought a bunch of those on eBay recently its such a high voltage unit, the gain is only rated at 9! Testing one of the bunch, my little Chinese Tester said its gain was five (5). I guess, close enuf. Not sure if this part is a known failure mode in these no trace Sony/Tek 300 series sets, been to busy to attend to repairs on these units.

Hope that tidbit helps!

Steven L. Bender

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