Re: OT: microscope source?

Greg Muir

Aside from my Amscope SE400-Z boom microscope with 10X wide field eyepieces for “flat’ (on-the-bench) work I also use a Donegan Optivisor (trade name) when having to stick my head inside of a piece of equipment to deal with inspection and component replacement. Both gives these old eyes excellent viewing capability for everything down to 0402 SMT packages.

For quick solder joint final inspection after deflux I picked up a jewelers/gemologists/geologists folding loupe. Some contain tiny LED illumination that often comes in handy.

The amount of money one wants to spend is obviously based upon the actual usage of the optical equipment. There is no need to spend $500-$600 or more for a microscope if you are only going to use it only a couple times a year. My usage is far more than that but I also realized that if a lower price piece of equipment serves the purpose the extra money can certainly be put into better places.


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