Hardest part to get to? (2230 AC-Gnd-DC Lever Arm)


So I need to replace a broken AC-Gnd-DC lever arm on my 2230. I have the replacement, now all I need to do is...

- Remove the Support Chassis
- Remove the CRT
- Remove the Vertical Attenuator and Logic assembly
- Remove the Sweep Reference assembly
- Remove the bottom shield
- Remove knobs, pausing to deal with any turned over grub screws!
- Separate the front panel board from the front panel
- Split the main chassis in half and remove the front half complete with the front panel
- Remove the secondary front panel plate that retains the AC-Gnd-DC lever arm
- Remove the Storage Circuit Board as there's not a lot left to support it in its 'raised position'

Just wondering if this is typical for Tek scopes, or can you think of any even more complex dismantling sequences to access the inaccessible?

Alastair Knights

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