Re: OT: microscope source?


There's only one microscope you should be buying and it's the exact
one Louis Rossmann sells, bought directly from Louis Rossmann. He has
a special version that isn't sold anywhere else. He explains it in his
videos at some point, hell if I can find them.

If someone can point to a better scope, at this sort of price, I'm all ears.

Here's a trick though. My vision isn't that great either. But I can
solder 01005 without a problem. How?

I have some large windows looking out into the northern sky
(important), and I solder on the window sill. The light is just so
much better than any artificial source you can get, and it improves
your vision dramatically. Do yourself a favor and try this trick.


On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 10:36 AM Tom Gardner <> wrote:

Welcome to that club :(

The choice is going to be very personal; what suits my eyes and working habits
may not be suitable for you.

Since you /will/ end up doing some experimentation, I suggest it might be worth
some quick and cheap experiments to help you decide on your equipment. In that
vein, I suggest you try these

* cheap enough to be regarded as disposable
* very widely available under many brand names from many sources
* work with your spectacles
* no problem getting a soldering iron between the lenses and the UUT
* flux residue not deposited on lenses
* work at any angle, including peering sideways into equipment cases
* multiple magnifications
* useless LED light

On 15/04/21 02:36, Brad Thompson wrote:

Given shrinking component markings and deteriorating vision, I'm
interested in purchasing a stereo microscope with long working distance.
I stumbled across a company (Amscope) that offers a range of scopes that
look promising.

Has anyone in the group purchased from that company? Please reply

On a broader level, what's the group's experience and recommendations
for peering, say, into a plug-in's innards?

Thanks in advance, and 73--

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