Re: 465 Missing a Few Components


On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 12:15 AM, Dave Peterson wrote:

BTW Raymond, I have the same book: 070-1330-00 with the same diagram. This is
the book to which I'm referring when I say the CRT does not appear to have a
mesh circuit. Thus my conclusion. Not the only discrepancy I've found between
this book and my SN177xxx.
The mesh is connected to pin 12 in the CRT socket. You can see it mentioned by its name in the CRT circuit dwg in the >=250000 SM.
The test specification of the T4650 CRT, which the 465 entry in Tekwiki links to, mentions it as Post Accelerator Grid and uses the word "mesh" on page 2. That document is from November 1972, long before the first printing 250000 SM, which is dated August 1974.


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