Re: 465 Missing a Few Components

Dave Peterson

That serial number just begs for restoration!

One mans junk is another's treasure. I'm turning into a treasure collector. Wink.

I guess it's up to the CRT. I think most everything else is still relatively replaceable, even across SNs. The early 465s don't have a mesh in the tube according to my SMs. I don't know if my SN<250K does or doesn't. I haven't traced that aspect yet. It does seem to be a hybrid of details from both before and after SN250K. I'm curious to see if the lack of a mesh has a noticeable effect on the trace. So far mine seems perfectly nice. Maybe it has one. What other significant differences are there between pre and post SN250K? I know the time/div knob and horizontal display markings are different:,,,20,0,0,0 Otherwise I think an old scope can be restored with later parts.

That's a very cool find Stephan. I am jealous. I vote for restoration, but it's not my money (or garage space). Good luck with it!

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