Re: Tek 2430 Works Fine for 15mins Then Freezes

Mark Vincent


By what you said about the heating, without a photo, the jackleg tech had a cold solder joint. That sure looks like the main source of your freezing up when warmed. The lead(s) could have been arcing from a cold solder joint causing the heating. By soldering on top of the board that close to the underside pads, the heat made the solder joint poor on the underside where the traces are. It is best to change all the caps with long life high temperature low ESR ones. Something like Nichicon UHE would be a good type for the 100V and less and ULD or UCY for over 100V electrolytics. Ones like 1 to 4,7mfd electrolytics can be replaced with film, if you want to use this type. The cap values can be raised, e.g. 180mfd to 330mfd. Mr. Yachad might have a parts kit for the 2430. If your scope has the RIFA caps on the mains input, change them now! They will be a clear amber case. Most likely with cracks. Get at least 300VAC types. They will be the line filters, usually ,068mfd.


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