Lots of Tek 155-series ICs getting posted shortly


I made a deal to buy up the Tek spares stock of a closed service center in europe last month,
in order to get some hard to find 155 and early 156 parts. I have gone through them, and will be posting them up to the stuff page shortly, we're busy photographing all of them now.

Some of the parts include these hard to find 155 items: 0064-00, 0082-00, 0085-00, 0085-01,
0091-00 and 0244-00/01.

there's also some VERY early 156 parts, including Fairchild RTl, with these low numbers: -0001-00,
0010-00, 0011-00.

and lots of dual PNP high beta transistors, 151-0354-00. all the items will go very cheaply, as we got a good deal on the parts, hopefully it will bring some good gear back to life!
it will all be here by monday: https://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/stuffday.html#tekfans

all the best for Easter,
-walter (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca)
sphere research corp.

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