Re: A6302/P6302 current clamp questions and parts.

Jared Cabot

OMG, I am a happy panda!

I connected the wires as below and it works! Not bad for a $160 gamble on this probe. :)
Luckily my coax (The clear-ish wires) weren't broken so I didn't have to worry about those being reversed.
Also, my serial number is B071921 for the record.

A - Red/White
B - N/C
C - Orange/White
D - Black/White
E - White
F - Yellow/White
H - Brown/White
J - Gnd strip (For Coax from Pin 1 of CT, common with K)
K - Gnd strip (For Coax from Pin 7 of CT, common with J)
L - N/C
M - Coax from Pin 1 of CT
N - Coax from Pin 7 of CT

Thanks again Albert for the help and risking your probe's well-being for my sake. :)
I'll have to make a little diagram of the late version pinout and upload it to TekWiki.


On Sun, Apr 4, 2021 at 01:20 AM, Albert Otten wrote:

A red/white
C orange/white
D black/white
E white
F yellow/white
J gnd strip
K gnd strip
M, N both blank plastic

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