Re: A6302/P6302 current clamp questions and parts.

Albert Otten

Encouraged by your picture I dismantled my P6302 plug. It's exactly the same construction as your plug, except in mine there is no washer at the right side (in your picture) of the strain relief collar. There is one at the left side.
I have to reconsider the my compression theory.There is considerable free space around the cable within the thick rubber part. I can slide the metal bush over that tick part up to the rubber collar without much effort. But it's hardly possible to slide the long sleeve over the cable. I had to clamp the cable in a vice and use 4 fingernails behind the collar!
There is nothing to keep the crimped piece fixed in place. It blocks against the ridge inside the metal bus when you pull the cable out and it bends the wires when you push in. With the bus screwed in I can see the crimped piece jiggle together with the cable.
So I guess the only problem is that your cable has too much clearance in the sleeve.


On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 02:18 PM, Jared Cabot wrote:

Here's a picture of my disassembled plug.
You can see a disk shaped collar piece crimped to the cable just to the left
of the pin assembly.
With the whole thing assembled, the cable can still rotate in the strain
relief boot and that collar can move, leading to flexing of the individual
wires and eventual breakage.
I'm wondering if there is a missing piece in there to clamp that collar, or
some other reason it seems loose.

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