Oddly Small Curve Tracer Test Fixtures/Adapters


I recently obtained a 7CT1N curve tracer plug-in to use in my (still non-functional) 7623A (or in my also non-functional 7603). I had planned to build a custom test fixture with multiple, paired sockets, and a switch to allow comparison of devices, but then I saw a couple of test fixtures for relatively good prices (each below $50) on eBay, and ordered several of them.

Two of the fixtures (an 013-069 and an 013-070) are obviously intended for use with the 7CT1N as they have only three banana plugs, arranged in a row, and spaced correctly to plug in to the binding posts on the 7CT1N, but three others, which came only as populated circuit boards are, surprisingly, about 30% narrower than the first two, and the banana plugs are too close together to fit either the 7CT1N or any of the 57x curve tracers.

The boards bear silk screening that indicates they were made by Tektronix in Holland in 1989. One of them bears a full Tek part number (369-0769-00, which I have not been able to find on TekWiki, or in a general web search), while the other two have a part number with XXXX in the middle position. The one that bears a full part number is populated with three sockets, one a linear set of three pin sockets, the other two are three pin sockets for two different sized can devices (like TO-18 and TO-39/TO-52).

I have uploaded pictures of the adapters to the photos section in an album titled "Small Curve Tracer Text Fixtures"

Was there another kind of curve tracer made by Tek in the late 80's that used a closer spacing of the binding posts/banana sockets?

-- Jeff Dutky

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