Re: A6302/P6302 current clamp questions and parts.

Albert Otten

There hardly can be more inside. That metal collar piece is a bus. Its other end presses the plastic pin block in position. It's screwed into the body by means of the external 3 turn outer screw thread in the middle. The pins and wires are inside the bus.
It feels as if the sleeve can hardly slide over the cable, even when cap is removed. The mm space in my photo is because sleeve+cable came out together. Going on would destroy wiring. Anyway, I still think that rubber compressed by the end cap also secures the cable.
My A6302 has the shiny plug version.
When new considerable force is needed to insert or remove plastic pin block. To remove I use a length of thin wall metal pipe which falls just around the pins and slides through the plug body. For the test plug I mentioned I could also use this "tool" to insert the pin block because I could attach the BNC connector later on.

No doubt there are other members who can help you immediately.


On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 06:02 PM, Jared Cabot wrote:

Looks the same as mine except my plug is chrome plated. :)
That inner metal collar piece around the rubber boot will also unscrew
allowing you to withdraw the whole assembly (with a little push to the pins to
ease the pin assembly out).

So far it looks identical to the way my plug is, but I'm not sure about what's
supposed to be going on deeper inside. I won't ask you to go deeper unless you
are comfortable though. :)

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