Re: button not working

Harvey White

The ID button shorts the ring to ground, the X10 setting is a fixed resistor that sets the scale factor.

You should be able to see if the probe is working properly easily enough  If not, then it's possibly a bad connection from the pin to the ring.


On 3/31/2021 4:19 PM, Giuseppe Marullo wrote:
Got one used from Ebay, seems to work.except for the ID.

Is that useful to cause me to return the probe?

It would take forever and of course maybe the seller does not have one
available. I guess is not easily fixable.

I got also the el-cheapo P6150 and they trigger the ID based on how I do
rotate the base on the BNC, of couse the 10x is triggered on/off as well.

Any advice? Should I simply forget about the function(s)?

I was planning to use the P6150 as standard probe on the 485, but also on it
the 10x led goes on and off based on how I do rotate the BNC. Hopefully I am
doing something wrong or it is just something fixable on the ring. On two
scopes I have weird behavior so I am not too optimistic.


Giuseppe Marullo


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