Re: Tek 2430 Works Fine for 15mins Then Freezes


Welcome John!

You should begin at the beginning: open her up and do a visual inspection, you'd be surprised what will jump out at you, even if you're a novice (I assume that you are not actually a novice to electronics, based on the call sign, but even a novice to scopes can still spot some signs of trouble). Next, clean the insides as needed using a static safe brush or compressed air. Finally power it up and have a look at the power rails (as Siggi suggested).

Take pictures. Take notes. People here will be more than willing to assist you with further diagnosis and repair.

You might want to have a look at this document:

Also, download this service manual from TekWiki:

The TekWiki is a source for a great deal of information, both general and specific, about Tek scopes and other instruments. Here is the "reference material" page:
and here is the main page:

Finally, some of the 2400-series scopes can be damaged if they are run for more than a few minutes with the case off. Some of the hybrids really need the forced air cooling, so if you are running it with the case off (to check the power supply rails, for instance) you should direct a fan to be blowing air over the main board with all the heat sinks. I'm not sure that the 2430 is one of the ones that can be damaged that way, but better safe than sorry.

-- Jeff Dutky

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