Re: 11801, 11801C and CSA803A repair projects

Reginald Beardsley

FWIW In the event that you have a system on which the calibrator output is not working, if you connect the "Internal clock output" to an input and set the trigger to "internal" you should get a proper square wave, though at ~1 ns rise time in my case. Spec is <2 ns in the service manual. You can also verify the clock signal to the calibrator by connecting the 3.5 mm series coax to a sampling head. It should look just like the "internal clock" front panel output.

I'd like to note that I count 4-6 push on connections from the sampling head to the card cage boards. so there is lots of room for a fault which can be cured by reseating the connectors. Though a bit of PITA to get at some of them.

NB: I'm using an SD-22 for working on this. Nominally that's a 30 ps rise time head.


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