Repair of Set Screw Attachment for Tek-made VAR Pots

Jim Adney

Quite a few years ago, I came across my first broken Tek-made VAR pot, the grey plastic ones. The plastic had broken near where the shaft enters, so that the set screw could no longer bind tightly to the shaft. As spares seemed like they might be hard to find, I came up with a more permanent solution, which you can see here: and also the following photo

These rings are tapped 4-40, the same as the OE set screws, but the ring encircles the cross-shaped portion of the pot allowing plenty of tightening of the set screw. The new, longer, set screw passes thru the original 4-40 hole, but does not use those threads, so this repair will fix a pot with stripped threads or fractured plastic there.

I made a supply of these for myself and have used a half dozen of them on various 3 series plugins. They take up almost no more room than the original pot, so I've yet to encounter a place where this wasn't a quick and neat fix. I have a small supply of these if anyone needs one, or feel free to copy the idea and make your own.

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