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I don't recall exactly to which model(s) this may apply, but I think one of the 24xx models have the polarity marked incorrectly on the PC board for one of the filter capacitors. Apologies if I have this confused with a completely different model/series but I thought it worthy of mentioning here.

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You may already know but at least in some service manuals component placement
diagram shows location of C1132 and C1115 swapped (wrong). This was the case
for my 2467B, I assume it also applies to 2465B. While desoldering take a
note of the original value to make sure.


C1132 would be 160V. C1120 can be 100V. C1130 would be 160V. If you
to use the original values of capacitance, fine. They can be higher
capacitance if you want. C1101 and C1102 would be 25V. If I put 16V numbers
there, it was my mistake. In mine, I used 16V or 25V types (I do not have
mine open at this time) for the 5V supplies and 35V for the 15V supplies.
These I had in stock along with some other parts. I ordered what I needed.
330mfd Mr. Yachad says to use, I did. The kit he sells is nice. He is
right about the film caps! Replace those! The X1 and Y1 can be used if you
want even higher voltage capacity than the 2 types. In mine, the 1 types
400-500VAC types. A 2 type can replace a 1 type. A 2 type is not
to replace a 1 type. The ones Mr. Yachad uses are also an excellent/ideal
choice. If you are on 230-240V mains, the higher voltage caps are best. If
have not already done so, go to Mr. Yachad's site about 2465B recapping. I
used that site as a reference do to mine. It was my first time working on
model. I did notice in mine the two 39meg resistors (R710 and R910) on the
bottom board were high, 45 and 50meg, and the 100meg on the high voltage
was 170meg. They are now 40 and 100meg respectively. I could not get 39meg
without a long string of resistors. Mine also did not have R1010 and R1019
across the NTCs. That was factory done.


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