Re: Recapping Tektronix 2465


647-ULD2C100MPD1TD for 10mfd. These are 160V.
647-UHE1C121MED for replacing the two 100mfd to the TO-220 rectifier. The additional capacitance of 20mfd will not hurt.
Sorry Mark, I ask for 2 clarifications:
I should use 647-ULD2C100MPD1TD (10uF, 160v.) Also instead of 10uF, 100v. (C1120 etc.) or only for C1132?

Which are the capacitors where to use of the 647-UHE1C121MED (120uF, 16v.) For the replacement of the two 100mfd to the TO-220 rectifier?
I only find 100uF, 25v capacitors.

Thanks a lot

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