Re: Recapping Tektronix 2465


One question: The caps in the grey and red rectangular boxes, I thought those
were film caps. Why would they need to be replaced? Do those have a history of
failint? I have some boards from the '60s with Wima film caps like those.
Those Wima caps are al still good.

Or did Tek use something less reliable than Wima?
Yes, they are film caps - The grey ones are Vishay rated at 440VAC, and the red ones are Wima DC.

They are all for use on ONLY the PSU block, which as we all know has the original prone-to-explode Rifa Paper caps, which are also especially under-rated for any scopes used in 230VAC areas.
Also, the PSU block has NO Wima caps factory-installed, and the kit's Wima's upgrade certain electrolytics and tantalums.

The objective is to do this job right, once only, and never have to worry about servicing it again in our lifetimes, including the 40-year-old's among us old-timers! So far, my own 2465B is now 12 years since I overhauled it, using this exact kit, and never had even a tiny hiccup.

The Wima's which Tek DID install on the other PCB's are NOT replaced.

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