Re: 7A16A high frequency compensation.

Albert Otten

Hi Max,

It's nasty that the PG506 trigger output is not usable as pretrigger. Also (e.g. in my PG506) there is too much between-trigger jitter to view the fast edge of the next pulse. That's why a 7M11 delay line is used in the calibration section. But the 7M11 is not ideal. Hence the PG506 signal output waveform is compared with a faster TD pulser waveform. The PM3340 only does sequential sampling and requires signal delay..
BTW I found that the fast-rise rise time depends a lot on the amplitude, something like 0.75 ns for low to 1 ns for max amplitude.


On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 10:23 PM, unclebanjoman wrote:

Hi Albert,

you made me doubt about the PG506 now :-)
I would not like to have calibrated the 7A16A trying to compensate for the
aberrations of the PG506 itself.
In the weekend I'll check the fast rise output of my PG506 using the
3S11/3T77A and also with a 2 GHz Philips PM3340 that I received a month ago
(fully functional, like new).
I'll post some photos as soon as possible.


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