Re: 485 super weak brightness control

Ondrej Pavelka

When I had it in the A mode I measured approximately 20nS delay between
gate A and gate B but my sweep out was just plain rubbish noisy nowhere
near triangle and at wrong place. I found better place to tap to sweep
which are the inputs on sheet <11>

There I could line up A B gate and A B sweeps. The problem is what comes
It basically looks like instead of choosing sweep A or sweep B the output
is a one minus the other and because they have opposite polarity it's
scewed and horizontal adjustment has different effects on A and B resulting
in very often shapes coming out in the 125 setting.

On Mon, 22 Mar 2021, 21:37 Ozan, <> wrote:

I started a video about 5 times always ended up interrupted or doing some
mistake I can send you link to those attempts because if you forgive the
complete blabbering you may see something but my biggest mistake was I
b sweep selected not A and I had switch in the b after delay position.

Hi Ondrej,
Less than perfect videos are OK. My main concern is misunderstanding the
state of the 485 and suggesting the wrong path. It is important to look at
B gate during 5/2/1n setting of A because some of what you are seeing could
be related B gate timing.


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