Re: Recapping Tektronix 2465

Mark Vincent


80-R82DC4100DQ60J for 1mfd
80-R82CC4470DQ30K for the three 4,7mfd on the power supply board
647-ULD1C221MPD1TD for 220mfd
647-ULD2C100MPD1TD for 10mfd. These are 160V.
647-UHE1C121MED for replacing the two 100mfd to the TO-220 rectifier. The additional capacitance of 20mfd will not hurt. I used 150mfd ULD in my B version with no problems.
527-CL60 for the NTC This is 10 ohms which will not hurt.
647-LGR2D391MELA30 for replacing the 290mfd. These I used in mine.
647-UHE1E470MDD1TD for the 47mfd. If you are willing to wait for the ULD, they will be in later this year.
594-MBE04140C1503FC1, 279-H4P180KFDA and 279-H4P180KFDA for the three resistors on the high voltage board that are voltage stressed and can open. They got back to the -300V supply. They are the 150,000, 180,000 and 430,000 ohm resistors.
See if Mouser has the ULD types for ones you want, if not, go to the UHE type.
The two 390,000 ohm 1/8W bleeders across the 290 mfd condensers can be lowered to say 100,000 ohms at 1w if you want the voltage to bleed off faster.


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