Recapping Tektronix 2465


I should do the recapping of my Tektronix 2465 (not A / B), I found on this group the list produced by Menahem Yachad of CondorAudio but from Mouser (Italy) there are some parts not available.
Since I am not expert in the particular characteristics of the parts, I ask if someone can help me to choose alternative parts for these components:

Board Original Value Mouser Part# Note Warning
A3 1 uF 50v nonplzd 505-MKS2C041001FJC00 Film capacitor 1uF 63 Volt 5% not available
A1 220 uF 16v ELCTLT 647-UHE1E221MPD Aluminum-radial electrolytic capacitors 25volts 220uF 8x11.5 20% 3.5LS not available
A5 47 uF 25v ELCTLT 647-UHE1E470MDD Aluminum-radial electrolytic capacitors 25volt 47uF 5x11 20% 2LS not available
A2 10 uF 100v ELCTLT 647-UPW2A100MED Aluminum-radial electrolytic capacitors 100volt 10uF AEC-Q200 not available
A2 7.0 ohm NTC Thermistor 995-SG210 7.0 ohm NTC Thermistor 7 ohm 4 AMP minimun 2000pcs

Many thanks and cordial greetings,

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