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Eric Schumacher

Hi Ken

Here's a second vote for energizers and a bunch of thumbs down for Duracell regarding corrosion. The only good news about Duracell "corrosion" on cell contacts is that CLR cleaner makes it disappear and your contacts look like new. I put corrosion in quotes because actual metal damage occurs much later and the CLR and stiff brush easily removes all that white dust and green stuff. My real question is Why do people buy those things???

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That old foam is awful stuff. I’ve had headphone head bands and ear pads
crumble to dust. I’ve also lost ICs that were pressed into the foam.
Foam-lined storage cases have damaged or destroyed stored items. Old
microphone inserts become dust. There are many other examples...

A few years ago, after many leaking batteries - some still new in the
package, I removed every Duracell battery from every device I own. I’ve
lost a number of flashlights, kid’s toys, remote controls, etc. The worst
is the damage done to my electronic test gear. I switched to Energizer and,
since then, have not had a single device device damaged by battery leakage.

The other item to check is the stick on feet used on so much equipment. As
we know, they turn to a slimy, sticky mess that also gets on the adjacent
surface and is difficult to remove. At the very least, over time, they
“migrate” from their original position and leave a slimy trail.

<rant off>


On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 12:01 Harvey White <> wrote:

As I've mentioned previously, the latest run of Duracell (guaranteed not
to leak before 10 years) does exactly that, and often in the package.

The good news is that they will often give you money to replace the
damaged item if you call them. Their warranty is "repair or replace",
but you do have to call.

I've had the foam in probe cases crumble, (both HP and Tek), anti static
foam corrode and crumble, etc...


On 3/21/2021 9:50 AM, David Slipper wrote:
Nasty!! I wonder what other time-bombs are awaiting us!?

I'll certainly be checking my stock of bits and spares.

I always assumed that a famous brand of NiMh batteries were supposed
to be leak proof - Hah! I nearly lost a pair of nice walky-talkies and
a multimeter that way, so now cells get removed from rarely used items
and I make a point of checking torches and the like regularly.

Sadly not surprised at anything these days,

On 21/03/2021 13:07, - wrote:
Well, this thread just showed up on EEVBlog. This is exactly the
kind of
damage that I used to see happen to IC and to TE accessories that were
stored in the old antistatic foam.


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