Re: Beware of old AntiStatic foam

Dave Seiter

I have a number of plastic toy rail cars from the 40's (American Flyer, I believe) that were my fathers, and have a similar problem.  Either the plasticizer or mold release has resulted in white deposits (on both the plastic and metal parts) over the years that also smells like vomit.  Very hard to remove from the plastic.  I too have a set of Xcelite nut drivers that smell "weird".  Not like vomit, and there's no corrosion, but I like to let them air out before I use them.

On Sunday, March 21, 2021, 11:49:23 AM PDT, stevenhorii <> wrote:

Another “plastic rot” question. I have a set of Xcelite tools. One of them,
a stubby Philips screwdriver, developed a white coating on it that was
impossible to remove without sanding it off. I could get some of it off,
but it kept re-developing this. None of the other tool handles has done
this. The handles, I believe, are a butyrate plastic that gives off butyric
acid as it oxidizes but they all are and this is the only one that
developed this white coating. The whole tool kit smells rather like vomit
(my wife refers to it as my “vomit tool case”) but this is common with
butyrate plastic-handled tools.

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