Re: 7D15 internal trigger not working

Steve Nossen

Dan and Mark,

Thanks for the tips. I had the covers off a few times and removed the -5 V board. Never noticed the socket pins allowing perpendicular mounting.

Measured the transistors and Q213 measures 30 ohms from C to E and E to C on my SImpson 260. Much higher on a DVM but the same in both directions. Seems leaky to me. Q203 measured more like a diode, conducts in one direction. I'll add some transistors to my next order. The 1 uF caps both measure 1 uF and D of .02 at 1KHz, about 3.3 ohms. The 2.2 uF caps measure 2.3 uF and D of .1, about 7.2 ohms. I'll start with a transistor swap.


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