Re: More fun with avalanche pulsers


Thanks for the tip!
It turns out that paint color is not useful as a guide to the material's specs though. I had expected a color-coding standard but there does not seem to be one. I have found some tables validating my assumption that yellow is low permeability and green is high, although not to be relied on.

Anyhow, I found that using a 33 ohm emitter load instead of 50 for the avalanche transistor (adding another 100 ohm in parallel) minimized the reflection and other distortion of the falling edge, although at the cost of some amplitude. 8 volts is still more than enough into 50 ohms.

Now to figure out the smallest Minibox I can cram it all into. I can't believe how expensive they have become! Price of aluminum, or price of labor? I think I may use a 10-turn pot to adjust the avalanche bias supply rather than an internal trimmer.

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