Re: 7A16A high frequency compensation.


Hi Albert,
thank you for the response.
After a further two hours, and comparing with the more detailed explanations given in the 7A16P manual, I was finally able to calibrate the step response in a decent manner.
I could not appreciate any variations by turning the last trim, C770. When I got the plugin the first time, it was almost completely unscrewed. I screwed in some turns to prevent the screw from falling out!

I posted some screenshots showing the final result.
Photos are in
Album title:"A16A step response (with 7854)

What do you think about? All comments are welcome.

Furthermore, I noticed that my PCB is very recent: it shows a S/N 670-2323-08 (see photo). There's a trimmer that does not appear in the schematic.
I've marked in the photo with a red arrow. Green arrow points to the LF compensation trimmer R436 which is present in the schematic. The other one is marked LF (on the PCB) but is not present in the schematic. I presume was an additional trim point for the same purpose of the green one, so I adjusted it in the same manner as R436.


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