Re: 7A16A high frequency compensation.

Albert Otten

Hi Max,

My 7A16 (not A) manual shows a picture. The 7A16A performance is the same or better I guess.
I did the same setup with PG506, 7854 and "as is" 7A16A, Nice smooth step with rise time 1.55 ns, followed by just one overshoot 6.5% and one undershoot 3.5%. After this negligible aberrations from flat. With a 7A19 rise time was 1.1 ns.


On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 01:01 AM, unclebanjoman wrote:

Moreover, in the manual there is not even a photograph of some typical
waveform that can be used as a reference. Does anyone know where to find a
screenshot of a typical 7A16A step response?

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