Re: Type 106


On Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 11:10 PM, Eric wrote:

Teminated in to 50 Ohms
Rise time - 9.2ns
P-P voltage - 13.0 V

Rise time - 350ns
p-p Voltage 72.8 Maxes out Rigol scope
Re. into 50 Ohm:
Be careful not to exceed the 'scope's maximum input on 50 Ohm.
It's not so much the rise time that your Rigol shows, it's the quality of the square wave that makes it useful, especially a flat top and no more than around 5% percent over- and undershoot, otherwise you could use a triggered Jim Williams pulser just as well.

Re. Unterminated:
The maximum safe input voltage of 'scopes is dependent on the input frequency. Check your 'scope's specs. Of course, if you use a 10x probe, it's not as risky.


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