Re: PS 5010 troubleshooting (no negative, erratical display)


Hi Steve,

thanks for your insights. I did understand what you said about the front/rear switch, but I could not altogether follow what you said about the voltage and current ramps. In particular, the error-condition (i.e. erratical blinking of pos and neg supply), when present, was permanent. It only disappeared once I got a certain amount of current flowing. And finally it turned out it was related somehow to the hi/lo switch.

Realigning the supplies was straightforward and easy to do... well designed, as I said. Currently I have two PS5004 precision supplies in the frame. Both turned out OK, so I started the alignment. But theres a weird thing, something I've never seen before: a corse and fine alignment pot that is realigned several times on later steps! Usually a pot is aligned and you don't touch it anymore. Do you know anything about that module, too?


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