Re: PS 5010 troubleshooting (no negative, erratical display)


Hello Martin,

I designed the analog circuitry in the PS5010, although that was nearly 45 years ago…

The front/rear switch not only selects the output terminals, but the remote sense inputs for voltage regulation as well. So if the switch is intermittent, you many have one of the sense inputs open, which would explain the lack of regulation.

The power supply goes through voltage and current ramps when the output is cycled to protect the relay from damage in fault conditions. The loop balance monitors are not monitored during this ramp cycle.

I have found those switches commonly used in TM500/5000 and 5100 series remain reliable if operated in a very clean environment, but have problems when there is dust in the air. They are not sealed, and lubricated with grease. Dust will get into the grease and make its way into the contact surface, which causes them to become intermittent. Also, the grease cakes up when it gets dirty, making the switch spring return not operational.

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