PS 5010 troubleshooting (no negative, erratical display)


Hi all,

I just started to troubleshoot my PS5010. Symptoms are a missing negative output and an erratic display when I switch on the outputs with the on/off key. The supply starts up fine, 5V and plus supply is working as it should. Negative supply can be dialed in as I wish, the relay is clicking when I increase current limit. But it does not give any output at all.

When I switch on the supplies with the on/off key, more often than not and when it is not selected, all the numbers and LEDs of the positive supply go off, then go back on a little later and randomly alternate with the display of the negative supply. When the supplies are in off-mode the display returns to normal.

If anybody has an idea of what that could mean I would be glad to hear about!


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