Tek 2445B Display problem

Rick_T <hstjepkema@...>

I have a tek 2445B that shows a display problem:
The intensity control does not seems to work ok and the display shows 4 x 2 dots in the upper halve of the display and the same pattern in the lower halve of the display.
The dots are seperated by 2 divs in horizontal direction and 1div in vertical direction.
Also some digital noise between the dots is vague visible.

I already replaced all caps in the power supply and the voltages are ok.
Also the damage caused by leaking caps on the A5 board has been taken care of.
My final thought was that the Z-Axis IC (U950) could be the problem. So I bought a spare via ebay and replaced it.
But no luck. The problem persists. If you use the scope in XY mode, the dots are gone.
Any new idea's to solve this issue are really appreciated!

PS. Is there some paperclip function to add a picture to this message? Or do I just upload in under photo's?

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