chinese witches hats for old probes help

dave G8SFU

Hi. I'm looking for a bit of guidance here please.

Since moving house a couple of years ago I am only just getting some test gear set up.

I find I have 4 good genuine Tek probes to go with the 4 Tek scopes.
(466, 468, 475 and 2246)
Other scopes make do with inferior probes.

The Tek probes are P6062B, P6101A, P6053B, and P6011.
All seem to be in good order, but none of them have witches hats,(sprung hook clips).
All seem to be the same fitting around the tip area with the earth sleeve diameter being 4.4 mm diameter or just a bit larger.

I had a good look on the site for chinese ones, but they are all specified for newer probe models, so I was not sure enough to order any.

Each of the Tek par numbers for the witches hats is slightly different but they look to me as if they would all take the same hat.

Can anyone who has bought from china give me any guidance please.
I realise the quality will be what it is, but it seems they would be worth a punt if anyone can confirm the size.

thanks for reading Dave G8SFU

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