Odd 453A on ebay UK


There's a guy listing a 453A scope which appears to be equipped with the CRT from a 453 (6 div vertical, not 8). The current ad is a relistng as it didn't sell last week. I contacted him before the auction ended and politely pointed out this anomaly, but received a very hostile response (reproduced below). Someone else had a go with similar response. He's also stated categorically that no scope ever made has the graticule on the inside face. He may be a flat-earther? Perhaps someone else would like to have a try...

"The tube doesn’t have any divisions , the escutcheon plate does . Further , I and my late father have owned this for many a long year Since 1989 to be precise . It has never been modified , I don’t think you actually know what you are talking about , so kindly , don’t message me again"


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