Re: TDS544A with strange display #photo-notice


Here we go; first, I believe that it was my poor English and I wasn't properly understood when I tried to explain what I see and I apologize for that.
Second, Siggi, you may be right about an issue with blue trace; I still hold my position, but you may wish to look at the picture 4019-1 (this time with the scope well wormed up). Some vectors show in red (don't know what that means), but we've seen that on green too - it's only on fast changing portion of signal (rise, fall time), never on triangle.
Third, I wanted to take the shutter out of the picture: I made a short clip of the screen with stripes on blue, then...
I opened the scope and disconnected the shutter from the shutter driver board. Made a second clip, essentially in black and white or, if you wish, what CRT is displaying. I believe this completely takes out the shutter as reason for discussion if it has a role in this or not. Also clarifies (I hope) what I meant when saying the stripes wave like a flag.
As I cannot upload the clips here (not supported), the two files were uploaded to my Dropbox, link below:
I verified the link before posting, works for me; it would be nice if you could confirm it works for you too.

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