Re: TDS544A with strange display #photo-notice


Siggi wrote:

I don't think there should be anything on the CRT board that follows
the dot clock... I also don't think there's anything on the CRT board
that's per color, other than on the LCD driver board.
I think that the per-color part of this is probably explained by the order of the color shutter actuation, but I can't quite make it make sense either. If we simply had something that was being saturated from the all-wite sections (it's pretty clear that the all white sections at the end of the scan are causative) then we would expect ANY solid color block at the end of a scan to result in bleeed-over on the start of the next scan line. Why we don't see that is hard to explain.

I like the idea of swapping control lines on the shutter to see if we can make the bleed-over change colors, that would likely narrow down the region in which the malfunction lives.

-- Jeff Dutky

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