Re: Beeswax in Transformers

Dave Wise

I didn't impregnate my low-tech 453 rewind. Hang on for ten more years, maybe you'll see a post titled "Dave Wise HV rewind failed" :)?

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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] Beeswax in Transformers

Hi Barry,

It isn't a coating, but rather an impregnation. The beeswax, or
epoxy is drawn into the spaces between the wires to add additional
insulation, and to keep them from moving.

If you don't add an impregnant, corona effects may eventually break
down the insulation... in my experience, *will*...

-Chuck Harris

n4buq wrote:
I'm curious why transformers (in particular, this transformer) benefit from a coating - beeswax or otherwise. Is it to damp sympathetic vibration at the operating frequency/frequencies?

Barry - N4BUQ

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