Re: Looking to ID a diode in a 1S1 sampling plug-in

Jonathan Pyle

Hi Sean,

Since you have a very early model 1S1, you might be interested in checking out whether your vertical board uses "pellet parts." See:

The serial number of my 1S1 is in the 700s and I see regular discrete components on the underside of the vertical board, as in the picture snapdiode took, which suggests that maybe Tektronix gave up on the "pellet parts" idea. (Even in the photo on page 4-8 of the manual it looks like R4 and R5 are mounted in the normal fashion.)

In trying to figure out the history of embedding discrete components under the traces in a PCB, I found a site saying it was still considered a "cutting edge" practice in 2014. So if Tektronix was doing it back in 1965 I wonder if they were one of the first.

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