Re: Tektronix 2230 - no readout


Hi Bert,

I also have a Salae clone. Used it once to reverse engineer a display of a VHF radio, a Motorola MC Micro.
The story is on my blog (in Dutch):
As there are not many countries where they speak Dutch: I live in Belgium, Flanders, not so far from the Northsea.
Aha Michigan, so Dr. Pol is one of you neighbours ;-) Your a bit to far away to visit...

I have been doing some more research today.
Sorry for all the Tek lovers, but this scope is not very service friendy. You have to unscrew several things, isolate the PCB's with cardboard and/or newspaper to be able to measure on certain boards and be lucky not to provoke shorts.
BTW:I found out you can test the scope without the GPIB option if you put P9107 (located 5B in schematic 10) in the other position, that way the reset from the GPIB board is inactive.
One thing I did not check previously: the 5V ref A and B, as well as the +5V on the vector and I/O board are OK.
Also checked point by point the flat cable between these boards, as well as the ribbon cable to the motherboard.
There is no activity on the X and Y vector pins going to the multiplexer 4053.
I am a bit running out of idea's. Do you have any more?

greetings, Harry

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