Re: 547 HV Transformer: Bill Schell rewind failed



Are you in need of bees wax? I might be able to get some in bulk. I happen
to know a couple of bee keepers. I would also like to learn more about the
transformer winder when the time is right.


On Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 7:45 PM Chuck Harris <> wrote:

Hi Bernd,

All indications are that my new machine is going to
do an even better job than the best I could do with
the old manual machine.

As an example, I was able to get 2/3 of the way to a
full wind without using the rosin/alcohol mixture that
I developed to enhance the wire's friction...

Using the rosin/alcohol, I am there already.

And, I will be using beeswax.

I'm glad to hear the prototype is still soldiering
on. Soon, I may be able to get you the winds I promised
oh so long ago...

-Chuck Harris

widgethunter via wrote:
My memory certainly hasn't improved with age.Not much else seems to
have, either...But, the beeswax thing I'd be willing to put money on - fwiw.
Incidentally, I still have not installed the 2nd wax xfrmr you made for
me, but the 1st prototype continues to perform flawlessly.Bernd

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Hi Bernd,

I guess the biggest indicator of a scatter wind would be
the presence of a spool. The universal wind doesn't require
any additional support.

In addition to talking to you, I talked to Deane Kidd, and
Deane talked about Bill using beeswax, like tektronix did in
the earlier transformers.

But, like you, it has been a looong time, and I don't think
our memories are getting any better.

-Chuck Harris

widgethunter via wrote:
Hi Chuck;Assumed scatter because of the larger size of Schell
rewinds.It has been a looong time, but I think I'd remember if he'd said
anything about epoxy...B

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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] 547 HV Transformer: Bill Schell rewind failed

Hi Bernd,

There have been several discussions about Bill's transformers of
late, and there is a picture on the group, that looks very much
like epoxy varnish, or some other non wax compound.

However, it is most definitely not scatter wound. It is a nice
looking, self supporting, universal wind.

Bill didn't use an outer tape covering on this transformer. The
naked winding is right there for you to see.

-Chuck Harris

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