Re: 155-0001-00 repair or replacement?


Turns out my request was #3 in line... but the #2 person thoughtfully yielded his place to me, so I could buy one. Thank you, anonymous Tekkie :) Despite the post office's best efforts to flatten it into foil (separate post), it apparently survived.

The most likely cause of the S-4 with offscreen trace is a bad hybrid. It's not hard to blow those microscopic diodes. Rather than spend time on troubleshooting, I just changed the hybrid. Surprisingly easy, especially since I read the instructions first...

Sure enough, it's now pretty close to balanced even without tweaking the bridge adjustments, and it displays the same waveform as the S-1 and S-2 with a little overshoot/ring visible on each rising and falling edge. At least with real-time sampling (and the relatively limited speed of my 114 pulse generator) since I haven't resumed my battle with the 3T77A.

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