Re: International Orders for Peter Keller's book were MAILED TODAY


Welcome Paul,

If it's a "Bible" that you want you might also want to check out
'Encyclopedia of the Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes and Their Uses' by John F
Rider, 1955. At 998 pages it's big enough to be a Bible! Peter's book is
*great* but it's pretty much entirely devoted just to the CRT and it's
development but the oscilloscope book covers oscilloscopes and not just
CRTs. There are some amazing historical details in it.

BTW you're lucky. *All* of the libraries in my area have quite using
the inter-library loan service because of the costs.

The Dash.

On Wed, Mar 3, 2021 at 11:01 AM Paul Humel <> wrote:

I'm a newbie who joined this group recently and discovered the overwhelming
interest in Peter Keller's book. I'm curious about what appears to be the
"bible" of CRTs, but I missed the boat on ordering.

So I logged on to my local public library branch and was able to request a
copy from the UC San Diego Library. I suggest that if others would like to
"try before you buy" you might consider heading to your local library to
if they can find a copy for you.

Paul Humel

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