Re: PCB sockets for plug-in xtors/etc.

Larry McDavid

Dennis, do you know the appropriate finish hole size in the PWB for each of these replacement sockets?


On 3/3/2021 11:02 AM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
Hi Dave,
These are the ones I use with their corresponding DIgiKey and Mouser part numbers:
Mill-Max Part Numbers
917-93-103-41-005000 CONN TRANSIST TO-5 3POS GOLD
0552-2-15-01-11-27-10-0 CONN PIN RCPT .015-.020 SOLDER
0552-2-15-15-11-27-10-0 CONN PIN RCPT .015-.020 SOLDER
All three of these are still available from DigiKey.
Mouser Part Numbers
575-055220 Mill-Max 0.015-.022” pin, 0.170” deep, for small transistors & small in-line pkgs.
575-0293015 Mill-Max 0.022-.034” pin, 0.170” deep, for TO-66 transistors
575-031400 Mill-Max 0.032-.046” pin, 0.236” deep, for TO-3 transistors & large in-line pkgs.
Only two are available now from Mouser.
Dennis Tillman W7pF
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Is there a resource for the sockets that are soldered into the PCB boards in scopes with plug-in transistors, ICs, diodes, etc.?
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